Artificial Intelligence Systems

Athenais Hyper Optimization


Thanks to the massive progress of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning breakthrough solutions are now available.

Athenais benefits

Artificial intelligence-based solutions

The systems developed by the company are based on both in-house solutions built on neural networks and images analysis algorithms, as well as algorithms from the world leader in machine vision - Cognex with Cognex Vidi™ based Deep learning vision System.

Why Athenais systems?

Affordable optical inspection system:

  • Robustness;
  • Profitability;
  • Repeatability & Reliability;
  • No expensive “one fit all” software dedicated to your application;
  • Negligible maintenance costs;
  • Ultra low footprint.

Highly qualified team

Established team with a wide knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and extensive experience in implementing high-tech solutions in different industries.

Technological capabilities

Profound expertise in the field of machine vision and machine learning, technological capabilities for the rapid development of new smart products.

Qualified customer support

At the initial stage of the project, we conduct its technical evaluation and assist with equipment selection. Software and hardware training, and technical support are also available.

Performance improvement
  • Faster production lines;
  • Increased efficiency of controls;
  • Reduction of manual labour costs.