Artificial Intelligence Systems

Athenais Hyper Optimization

Athenais Defects Detection and Predictive Analytics Systems

** Enhance your productivity with our Cognex Vidi / Halcon MvTec HyperOptimization software

- From your OK/NOK set of images our unsupervised HyperOptimization system will find the best Vidi or Halcon solution
- An AI driven approach that will beat all others parameters search.


** Deploy your Automatic Optical Inspection system with our AIS plateform

- The lowest COO of AOI systems worlwide thanks to the Open Hardware concept
- Automatic turret with Mitutoyo BF/DF lens, APC Basler Camera, Xandex Inker and totally configurable illuminations
- MapPilot Client server architecture compatible with Cognex Vidi / Vision Pro and Halcon MvTec
- Capture images, detect defects, measure and inspect automatically


** Boost your business or process with our Predictive Analytic toolset

- Looking for anomalies signal detection in your IOT/System?
- Looking for Predictive Analytics?

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